Q: Capricorns are not boring! They are probably the most subtle sign. I sometimes think that only water signs can truly see a Capricorn's magic- There's a layer of beautiful simplicity and security to Capricorns that feels like home. I think their minds are intriguing. They are realistic but they will support your dreams, no matter how wild they are. They are practical but they are insatiably curious. Capricorns are so magical if you take the time to look past their stoic shell.


That’s so beautifully said, thank you!
I’m going to tag this as a confession :)

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Q: I love Capricorn's hidden charisma, their ambition, and their deadpan/witty humor, but sometimes they can be crass or dismissive when it comes to others problems or emotions. (However, if you inform them about this, they will immediately try to better themselves.)

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What is the freaking obsession with calling Capricorns boring? Like, stfu. I have never, ever once ever in my life been called boring. I have never met another boring Capricorn. STOP CALLING CAPRICORNS BORING.

Even astrologers are going out there saying that Capricorns lack personality and…

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Wire Sculptures by Alexander Calder


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